Structural Repairs

The security of repair Structural Repairs.

Given the fact that many buildings in India are old, and already in urgent need of repair, Coating & Foaming Inc. has specialised in structural repairs. Building a pool of highly qualified civil engineers, and skilled manpower, the company offers clients comprehensive repair services. Further armed with an able team and dedicated team of masons,foremen and supervisors, we ensure that a permanent and technologically sound repair and protection is ensured. Our experts visit the site for the on-the-spot guidance on selection and use of our treatments.

For Repairs and Rehabilitation of Concrete Structures


Solvent free epoxy formulations in the form of adhesives, sealants, coatings and mortars are being extensively used for rehabilitation and strengthening of distressed structures. Many causative factors in isolation or jointly can contribute to the damage of structures. Among them are natural factories like aging, weathering, earthquakes, fire accidents, exposure to aggressive environment resulting in atmospheric chemical corrosion, faulty design and errors at construction, limitation of concrete itself in meeting severe mechanical forces of vibration, abrasion, erosion and cavitation, faulty use in terms of overloading etc. It is possible to use ® Araldite resins effectively in most of the cases mentioned above to ensure adequate repairs and strengthening.

Repair of Corroded Concrete Structures

Surface preparation : Proper preparation of any surface to receive an application is of primary importance. The loose and damaged concrete is removed by well controlled mechanical means to a depth sufficient to expose sound concrete over the entire repair area.

Then the concrete surfaces should be precleaned to remove laitence, dust, dirt and other debris by sand blasting. In case sand blasting is not possible, thorough abrading with a hard wire brush can be resorte to though it is not  as efficient. If these methods are not feasible, chemical itching using 15% hydrochloric acid solution should be employed. The solution is brush applied over the surface liberally and left in contact for 15 minutes. This is then Washed off with plenty of water followed by through drying  with hot air. Ensure a clean, rough and dry surface for a successful performance.

Procedure : The normal procedure adopted for restoration of concrete structure is

  • Protective coating of reinforcing steel is applied to protect further corrosion of the rods, with additional bars welded on, if necessary.
  • a) The removed portions of the concrete are then made good with a new cement plaster / new concrete / gunite layer after applying for bonding new to old concrete formulation to ensure a monolithic bond, which will enhance the effectiveness of the repair.
  • b) As an alternative to new concrete / gunite layer / cement plaster, epoxy mortar of about 5 mm thickness can also be applied. This is especially useful in places where conventional curing of concrete is not possible.
  • Subsequently, protective coating on epoxy coaltar or pure epoxy coating is applied to avoid further corrosion.
  • Polymer modified concrete based on SBR (Styrene Butadene Rubber) Treatment can also be carried out for lesser critical structures.