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Cement Polymer Composite Coating

Cement Polymer Composite Coating System for Reinforcement

C.E.C.R.I Karaikudi Method
CPCC System consists of a Primer Coat and a Sealer Coat

Simple to apply and the coated bars can be cut & bent. Cost effective.

Surface Preparation:
The Steel bars shall be cleaned by sandblasting to the near white metal.

Application of Coating:
The primer coat shall be applied to the cleaned surface as soon as possible after cleaning (as above) and before 4 hours, either by brushing or dipping. Apply Sealer Coat after 30 minutes of application of Primer Coat. Air Cure for minimum 6 hours before the coated bars are put to use.

Keep the Coated bars in the yard on buffer material placed at suitable intervals. Do not keep the coated bars one over the other or directly on the ground.

Closed sandblasting unit shall be used. Face masks, hand gloves & gum shoes shall be used.

Handling & Transportation:
Coated bars shall be securely bound with adequate buffer material & bent bars shall be supplied with canvas cover. While unloading proper support shall be provided with nylon strings in between.

Patch repairing:
Damaged areas shall be cleaned thoroughly, mechanically and apply Primer Coat (as applied at beginning).

Cutting/ Bending/ Welding:
Bend coated bars gradually. Cut ends shall be coated with Primer & Sealer Coat. Binding wires shall also be coated with the same formulation.

CF: Sol-CP is to be used as solvent for primer and seal coat.