CF - Bond Grout - WP

water proofing cementitous membrane


  • Composition of CF – BOND GROUT WP
    CF – BOND GROUT WP is a free flow, non shrink, high strength, free flow cementitious  system which is supplied in the form of powder.  It is specially formulated for critical grouting operation where high strength, high tolerance and fluidity are required.  It comprises of hydraulic setting binders.  Select grade fillers and expansion central additives that needs only addition of the requisite quantity of clean water and liquid Polymer at site.   The low water powder ration ensures high early strength.  Our product ensure perfect, bond between concrete slab & the water proofing treatment which attain high bond and compressive strength.

  • Technical Specification:
    Technical specification of CF – BOND GROUT WP are under :

Properties of Cured System:

Sr. No. Properties Specification Units Obtained Value
1. Pourable Life 00-80 Minutes >1 hour
2. Initial Setting Time 100-120 Minutes Footable
3. Final Setting Time 280-300 Minutes Within 300 minutes at 350C
(Depends upon Room Temperature)
4. Comprehensive Strength ASTM-D-695 N/mm2 After 24 hours > 10 N/mm2
After 28 days > 42.5 N/mm2
5. Tensile Strength ASTM-D-638-M N/mm2 > 5 N/mm2
6. Flexural Strength ASTM-D-790 N/mm2 > 6 N/mm2
7. Wet Density 2100 kg/m3
8. Colour Black / Grey
9. Bond Strength Ensure high bond strength with Concrete
10. Curing Self curred

Shelf life of the Material :

12 months from the date production in originally sealed container at room temperature.

  • Consumption / Coverage:
    CF- BOND GROUT WP will cover approximately 12/13m² in 25 kg of bag.
  • 2. Mixing Ratio :
    25 Kg CF BOND GROUT WP +: CF Polymer 1 kg + Water 5/6 Kg



  • CF – BOND GROUT is a Cementitious Slurry is to be applied over the RCC Slab Surface at the dosage of approx 1Kg/m2/Coat & Cured for about 3 days.
  • Construction Joints in the slab, junction between the slab & walls, etc. shall be grouted & sealed using CF – Bond Grout – Waterproofing Slurry which has premixed expandable Grout Additive.
  • Base Preparation including Cleaning & Wire Brushing to clear all dirt, laittances etc.
  • Treating surface honeycombs & surface cracks by removing unsound concrete upto sound concrete specialised Non – Shrink Cementitious Waterproof Mortar/ Compound.

Note :
  • We shall Pond the Treated Area for about 4/5 days for testing with about 2″ (50mm) of Water & Post approval of the Water – Proof Slab, shall hand over duely signed jointly.
  • No Physical damages or heavy movements must be carried out over the treated area, except floor finish treatment.
  • urface treatment must be well protected.

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