CF Polymer

CF Polymer is a modified acrylic emulsion polymer specially designed for modifying cementitious compositions. Cement Mortars modified with CF Polymer are hard, tough and durable compared with unmodified mortars. They are especially useful where thin sections are desirable and where excessive vibration and heavy loads are encountered. CF Polymer Modified cement mortars have excellent adhesion to a variety of surfaces such as concrete masonry, rbick, wood, metals etc.


  • Cement mortars, flooring, plasters modified with CF Polymers have superior flexural compressive adhesive and impact strength, as well as excellent abrasion resistance.
  • CF Polymers has excellent waterproofing capability and widely used for water proofing of floors rooftops, basements and maintenance of seepage and leakage. It can be used for crack filling and as title jointing compound mixing with white cement.
  • CF Polymer modified cement mortars doesn’t require wet curing as CF Polymer hold the water in the system sufficient for cement curing.
  • CF polymer increases workability of he mortar at one side, at other side thin section dry rapidly.
  • CF Polymer modified cement mortars are resistant to many industrial chemicals, U/V rays and heat.

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